Mihee K. Heil Piano Studio Policies
September 2018 – August 2019

The regular piano lessons begin on the 9th September 2018 and continue through the 25th May 2019.  The studio will be closed one week from November 18th to November 24th for Thanksgiving, two weeks from December 23rd to January 5th for Winter Break, and one week from March 10th to March 16th for Spring Break.
Performance class or theory group class may be scheduled if needed during the year.  Annual Recital and Award Ceremony is scheduled in May 2019.    
Summer lessons are available in June, July, and August.

Each student receives 33 lessons during the academic year, which is from the 9th September 2018 to the 25th May 2019. The total value of 33 lessons is divided into nine equal monthly installments from September 2018 through May 2019.  Although the number of lessons varies from month to month, the monthly tuition remains unchanged. Each monthly payment is due at the first lesson of the month.  Since the flat monthly tuition is calculated at a discounted rate, there are no make-up lessons for any missed or canceled lessons and no adjustment to the monthly tuition. Payment received after 10th of the month or a returned check will be charged $25 at the time of the payment.

Flat Monthly Tuition for Returning Students
Once a week for 30 min. lessons:      $125 per month                                 
Once a week for 45 min. lessons:      $180 per month  
Once a week for 60 min. lessons:      $235 per month   

Tuition for Summer Lesson/Trial Lesson/Student Enrolled after September
$35 per 30 minutes lesson, $50 per 45 minutes lesson, $65 per 60 minutes lesson

Tuition for students enrolled after September, summer lessons, or trial lessons should be calculated by a number of lessons scheduled for the month and paid in full at the first lesson of the month.   

Registration Fee
Non-refundable annual registration fee is $40 per student and it is due at the time of registration.  Registration fee is for securing the student’s lesson time slots, covering a year subscription for Piano Explorer monthly magazine, printed handouts, annual recital, and administrative costs.  

Outside Studio Event or Activity Fee
Outside studio events and activities include Student Affiliate Mary Loving Recital, Fall & Spring Theory Examination, Holiday Recital, Texas Music Teachers Association Performance Competition (7th grade to 12th grade), State Ensemble, World of Music Examination, Parrie James Festival, Piano Marathon, and Preparatory Piano Solo Performance Competition (3rd grade to 6th grade).  In addition, eligible students can participate in TMTA convention activities such as Ensemble, All-Star Festival, Convention Project, Digital Keyboard Orchestra Reading Session, and Page.  Participation in the events/activities is important not only to motivate the student to practice and study consistently but also to evaluate the student’s performance on piano, music theory, and music history during the course of the study.  The teacher will advise the student which events/activities are the most suitable to participate.  Entry fees for all events or activities are different.  Some event fees are listed on the studio calendar.  More information about all events and activities can be obtained from the teacher, www.corpuschristimta.org, or www.tmta.org.  Students who participate Student Affiliated programs of Texas Music Teachers Association such as Theory, World of Music, Publication Contest, Performance Competition, or State Piano Ensemble must register annually as a student member of Texas Music Teachers Association and Corpus Music Teachers Association.  Current annual student membership fee is $12.
Tuition, the studio registration fee, the TMTA SA membership due, and all event entry fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. Monthly tuition and the studio registration fee do not cover a cost of piano books and other required materials for the lessons. 

There are no adjustments in tuition for any canceled or missed lessons.  Canceled lessons only by the teacher, a severe weather condition, or the student’s sickness with a doctor's note, or family emergency with a prior notification and a verification may consider rescheduling on the teacher’s available time.  Canceled or missed lessons for any other reasons by the student will not be rescheduled to make-up.       

If the student desires to discontinue lessons during the studio calendar year, one-month tuition will be charged at the time of termination.
A student can be dismissed from the studio at the teacher’s discretion.  There is no refund or adjustment for lessons that are not taken during the month of dismissal.


  1. The student should arrive 5 minutes prior to the scheduled lesson time.  If the student arrives later than the scheduled lesson time, the lesson won’t be lengthened to make-up the lost time.
  2. Sports/extracurricular activities and music may not always be mutually compatible, but need not be mutually exclusive.  Please respect the studio curriculum and the teacher’s commitment to the student’s musical education by maintaining a priority level. 
  3. For the student under 10 years old, the parent is encouraged to observe or record the lessons for assisting the student’s daily practice at home.
  4. Longer lessons will be suggested as the student advances or when the teacher deems appropriate.
  5. Advise to ware indoor shoes, socks, or bare feet in the studio.   
  6. Do not interrupt if other student’s lesson is in progress.
  7. Wash hands before the lesson. 
  8. No chewing gum, no long fingernails, and not wearing watch/bracelets/rings at all lessons.
  9. A cellular phone needs to be turned off or in a silent mode in the studio.
  10. It is the student, the student’s parents, or the student’s guardian’s responsibility to replace or repair in a case of the student damages any of studio pieces of equipment or belongings.  
  11. M.K.H. Piano Studio does not take any responsibility for any incidents or any injuries occurred in the studio or outside of the studio property.
  12. Use designated parking spaces.
  13.  M.K.H. Piano Studio policies will be updated annually. 
  14.  All checks are payable to Mihee K. Heil.

Please read the studio policies thoroughly.  By signing up, you agree to adhere to all parts of the M.K.H. Piano Studio policies.