I studied advance piano teaching with John Weems, from Houston, TX. He is one of the most noted piano teacher, especially in Texas and nationally. He not only influenced my piano performance but also my teaching career. I had several piano teachers throughout my life, however, John Weems lead me to feel the genuine joy and love of playing piano and classical music. He taught me the most effective piano techniques and to produce the most beautiful tone quality. He opened up my inner ear to play piano from my heart. He also showed me how to pay attention to all the details of the music; to convey the intention of the composer; and how to interpret the music to reflect my own style. I was so lucky to have an opportunity to study piano with him. He totally changed my life in how I play and especially how I teach. Now, I am extremely motivated, excited, full of energy and have a new passion towards teaching piano. I will always have wonderful memories of the gift of teaching he gave to me.