The goal of my studio is to provide a well-balanced musical education to all students through piano lessons.  In order to accomplish this, I have set specific policies.  Studying music can be enjoyable and rewarding as well as becoming a pleasure that can last a lifetime, however, it takes commitment from the parent as well as the teacher and the student.  This commitment is necessary to assure success of the student.
Form a student-parent-teacher team
It is very important to create and maintain a “one team, one dream” attitude in order for our piano lessons to be successful and to achieve a wonderful result.  The three members team, the student, the parent, and the teacher, need to know their roles and responsibilities and equally contribute to the success of the team.  With the combined effort of student-parent-teacher team, we can be guaranteed great results in piano and music study.
The Parent
  1. Provide a tuned piano in a well-lighted area as free from distractions as possible.
  2. Set a specific time each day for practice.  
  3. Spend part of the practice time listening and encouraging the child. 
  4. If needed, parents are encouraged to attend and observe or recording the lessons regularly to help the student’s efficient practice at home during the week.
  5. Advise the child to follow the teacher’s practice instructions and assignments are completed.
  6. Bring and pick the student up on time from all lessons or events.
  7. Follow up on the teacher’s calls or emails as soon as possible.
  8. Communicate with the teacher if the parent has any concerns or questions related to the child’s piano study and musical development.
  9.  Trust and support the teacher as a team for the child’s success in piano and music study.
  10. Be patient and stay positive.  Understand the piano is one of the hardest instruments to learn and comprehend its music.  Eventually, the child will play the piano beautifully and understand the music to enjoy piano playing throughout the child's life.  
  11. Adhere to the studio policies.  
The Student
  1. Practice and study the assigned materials daily.
  2. Record daily practice goal and daily practiced minutes on the practice journal.
  3. Utilize a metronome and the practice box at all practice sessions.
  4. Follow through the daily practice goal.
  5. Follow the teacher’s instructions on how to practice and how to fix trouble spots.   
  6. Do not waste precious practice time by practicing wrong.  
  7. Record questions on the finding problems during the week practice and study to discuss with the teacher at the next lesson. 
  8. Keep fingernails short in order to play piano with the pads of the finger tips without clicking the keys, or getting the nails caught between the keys.
  9. Bring all the required books and assignment book to each lesson.
  10. Keep a positive attitude and have fun learning piano and enjoy learning a new way to express.
  11. Respond cheerfully and always respect the parents’ support and the teacher.  They are helping you to succeed!
The Teacher
  1. Develop the student’s enthusiasm, respect, and genuine love for music.
  2. Provide quality teaching by introducing every facet and elements of music systematically during the course of piano study.
  3. Prepare for the lessons in advance.
  4. Discover the uniqueness of each student and respect the differences of musical ability, taste, and personality.
  5.  Provide instructions clearly.
  6. Show how to practice and how to study music at home.
  7. Encourage and motivate students to practice and learn.
  8. Respect students’ opinions and value their creativity.
  9. Create a studio atmosphere where students are free to feel comfortable, confident, and are able to recognize both the seriousness and fun of study.
  10. Encourage communication between the student, the parent and the teacher. Answer questions to solve problems regarding the student’s course of musical study.
  11. Study, practice, and attend professional workshops or professional conferences regularly for personal musical growth, in order to provide the best piano instruction possible.