• Performance Classes:  Open to all the studio students or the students who are preparing for competitions, festivals, auditions, or UIL to enhance and polish their performance skill.  Participants perform prepared and memorized pieces or working pieces with their music; and then, they receive instructions from the teachers in front of the studio students and parents at the studio.  It will be scheduled as needed.  There is no entry fee to participate in this events.    
  • Group Classes:  Open to all the studio students or the students who are preparing for TMTA Music Theory examination or TMTA World of Music examination.  It will be scheduled as needed.  There is no entry fee to participate in this event.
  • Winter Recital:  Open to all the studio students.  Memorization is not required.  It will be scheduled in December.  Entry fee is $5 per student. 
  • Annual Piano Recital & Awards Ceremony: Open to all the studio students to perform memorized solo or duet pieces they have learned during the school year.  It is a mandatory event for pre-collegiate students.  After the recital, recognitions and awards ceremony will be followed.  It will be scheduled in May.  Entry fee is $15 per student.


Performance Events

  • Mary Loving Student Affiliate Recitals: Open to CCMTA teacher members'  students who are registered as a Texas Music Teachers Association Student Affiliate member.  TMTASA Membership fee is $12 yearly.  It usually holds on the third Sunday afternoon in October at The Di-Bros. Piano Company, Corpus Christi, TX.  Selected students by their teacher's discretion perform one memorized solo piece or ensemble piece in a recital setting.  The entry fee is $5.
  • Holiday Recital & Original Composition:  CCMTA offers to the students who love to perform seasonal music and a local winner of original composition contest in a recital setting.  Memorization is not required.  It usually holds at Parkway Presbyterian Church, 3707 Santa Fe St., Corpus Christi, TX.  Entry fee is $6.
  • Ensemble/Honors Recital:  The annual CCMTA Student Affiliate Ensemble/Honors Recital features local students and ensembles qualified to perform and/or compete at the Texas Music Teachers Convention.  Those students earning special state and local awards during the school year will also be honored.  This special recital is open to the public.  Entry fee is not required.
  • Master Classes:  The CCMTA invites a nationally recognized pianist, pedagogue, or clinician to work with selected students who are from the CCMTA member teachers.  The selected students perform their prepared piece by memory and take an open lesson.  Entry fee is not required.   

Adjudicated Events

  • Hymn Festival:  Open to all students who are interested in learning sacred music or becoming a church musician.  It usually holds on the second Saturday morning in November at First Baptist Church, 3115 Ocean Dr., Corpus Christi, TX.  Participants perform at their applied level with their music front of a judge from CCMTA teacher member.  Entry fee is $6.
  • Parrie James Festival:  This event is for piano, vocal and instrumental students to perform front of a judge in a closed audition setting; and, participants receive unbiased evaluation and rating of their performance.  Students from school grade K - 12  perform two contrast pieces by memory.  Students who are rated superior will be awarded Gold Medal and Certificate with Gold Seal; and, Silver Medal and Certificate with Silver Seal for students rated Excellent, Certificate with Blue Seal for students rated Good and Certificate of Participation for students rated not ready for performance.  There is a rating, Superior Plus, which is awarded to the best performers from each school grades from Kindergarten to 12th.  They will be awarded Gold Medal, Certificate with Gold Seal, and Rosette Ribbon.  This event usually holds in April at Del Mar College Music Building.  In order to participate this event, the student must have at least one year of piano study.  Entry fee is $15.    
  • Student Affiliate Preparatory Performance Contest:  Students must be in school grades 3 through 6, be Student Affiliate members studying with a CCMTA teacher, and pass the theory test for his/her grade level.  Contestants must perform two pieces of contrasting style from memory front of a judge in an open audition setting.  This program is for students who are serious and committed to his/her piano study.  This contest holds on the first Sunday in May at The Piano Gallery, 4432 SPID, Corpus Christi, TX.  Entry fee is $25.
  • Pearle Sewell Scholarships & Audition:  The Corpus Christi Music Teachers Association awards two $300 scholarships annually.  Each scholarship is awarded to a worthy high school senior.  Scholarship number one is to take an audition, the applicant should be prepared to perform from memory two standard advanced compositions from different historical periods.  Scholarship number two shall be awarded to an applicant for outstanding participation in actives sponsored by CCMTA and its Student Affiliate organization during the applicant's four years in high school.  Merit shall be determined on the basis of points awarded for participation in each activity.                                           

TEXAS MUSIC TEACHERS ASSOCIATION EVENTS                                    

  • Music Theory Examinations:  Sponsored by the Texas Music Teachers Association; and, participants from 1st grade through 12th grade must be registered as a TMTA Student Affiliate Member to take the test; and, it is offered in Fall and Spring.  Fall Theory examination usually holds on the first Sunday afternoon in November at Parkway Presbyterian Church, 3707 Santa Fe Street, Corpus Christi, TX.  Spring Theory examination usually holds on the first Sunday afternoon in February at Music Building, Del Mar College, 101 Baldwin, Corpus Christi, TX.  It is available to students who are prepared at their grade level or a lower grade level for late beginning students to take the test.  Students who are scored 98 and higher will be awarded TMTA Theory Examination Certificate and Gold Medal; and, Silver Medal with the Certificate for scored 94 and higher, Bronze Medal with the Certificate for scored 90 and higher and the Certificate for scored 70 and higher.  The entry fee is $11.
  • World of Music Examination:  Sponsored by the Texas Music Teachers Association; and, participants from 1st grade through 12 grade must be registered as a TMTA Students Affiliate Member to take this test which is offered on the last Saturday in February at Parkway Presbyterian Church, 3707 Santa Fe St., Corpus Christi, TX.  Students score 90 and higher will be awarded TMTA World of Music Examination Certificate and Gold Medial.  Entry fee is $10.
  • Ensemble: In order to participate the state ensemble, participants who are from 3rd grade to 12th grade must pass the theory test and the local audition.  Selections must be performed by memory at the audition or first two pages.  Students who participate fully in State Ensembles by attending scheduled rehearsals and performances will receive an Ensemble Award pin and bar the first year.  Each year thereafter, they shall be awarded another bar to add to the pin.  High School seniors who participate in the High School Ensemble all four consecutive years will also be awarded at the state convention in June.  2019 and 2020 TMTA convention will be held at Hyatt Regency Hotel in Houston, TX.  Entry fee is $20.
  • All-Star Festival:  In order to participate this state-level festival, students must receive a superior rating in a local festival or UIL.  The theory is not required.  Students who are rated "I" Superior will receive a Gold Medal; and, students who are rated "II" Excellent will receive a Silver Medal.  It holds at TMTA State Convention in June.  Entry fee is $15.  
  • Publication Competition:  This event is for students in grade 1 - 12 which is divided into 6 divisions.  The theory test is not required to participate this contest.  Subjects will be given for each division.  It is a music-related essay contest; it is good for students who love to read and write.  At the state level, outstanding articles will be published in the State Student Affiliate Newsletter or the TMTA magazine.  The winner article in each division will be published as a supplement to the World of Music text of the corresponding grade level. Local entry fee is $6.  State final entry fee is $15.  
  • Composition Competition:  This event is for students in grade 1 - 12.  Students must pass the theory test in their grade.  More information is available at TMTA website which is Local entry fee is $6.  State final entry fee is $25.
  • Performance Competition:  In order to compete at the state level, students who are in 7th grade through 12th grade must pass in their grade level theory test and win in their local competition.  Local winners are advanced to Semi-final performance competition at the state convention in June.  Semi-final winners compete again for finals.  Top three finals from each grade division will be awarded a cash prize and a plaque at the convention.  Competitors must perform their selections in various styles from different musical era within a limited time for each division from memory front of a panel of three judges at the final.  Local entry fee is $25.  Semifinal and final entry fee is $50.